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January 2019 Truck of the Month

David Voth, friend of Peter Bruschi is transforming a 1974 Chevy LUV into an autocross monster!


This is roughly how the truck will sit when finished. There is a lot of cutting, grinding, and welding necessary to make the truck functional!

The crew consists of Mechanical Engineers who met in Mooresville, North Carolina.
From left to right, Miguel, David, Peter, and Tommy. Tanya is taking the picture.

This is the original frame with the supercharged 600 horsepower LS1 mocked up.
After much pondering about how he was going to fit everything around the original frame, David decided to take a different route:

A custom frame was drawn in CAD and constructed over a week and a half.
While Tommy welded up the frame, David and Peter cut out the floor of the original cab:

The floor and rocker were cut to clear the 2x4 steel tube:

The cuts to the floor and rocker panels were surprisingly straight!

This is how the truck currently sits. We will come back to it in January, fab up a cage, get it rolling, and go autocrossing!

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