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June 2018 Truck of the Month

The North Carolina Transportation Museum is a beautiful facility based around one of the few working
steam-era turntables left in the country. This facility was once one of the busiest rail hubs in the South.

Today it has become a museum that features planes, trains, and automobiles in various conditions. Volunteers work
to restore all types of vehicles to their former glory. If you are visiting North Carolina soon, this is not a place to miss!


Although this Ford Wrecker was spotted at the North Carolina Transportation Museum,
the mud flaps indicate that this truck may have some Long Island history!
It was found on display in the Back Shop.

Built in 1904, the Back Shop is the size of two football fields.
It had four tracks running through the building, and could
house up to 15 locomotives at a time for repair.
It is currently home to cars and trucks, large and small, as well as trains and airplanes.

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